When it comes to planning kids parties, it is important to factor in scheduling your child’s party for the right date, and at the right time. So now it is time to start planning. As long as you keep in mind that this is a very special day for your child, this should keep you motivated when planning the party. The first step you want to take is to choose a date. Since the rest of the party hinges on the date you choose, it is important that you choose the right date. Just keep in mind that it is not imperative that your child’s party be exactly on their birthday. This step comes way before you decide on a party theme, invitations, party entertainment, party decorations, party supplies and kids party food.

The right Date

When considering a good day, keep in mind that during the week can be hectic for working parents.  In order to ensure that most children are available for your kid’s party, Saturdays or Sundays are the most available days. During school holidays, or for pre-school aged children, you could hold your party on any day, but you will just have to make sure that those you have invited will be able to attend. People tend to go away during school holidays.

If volunteers have been drafted,  you will also need to ensure that they too are comfortable with the date you have chosen. This should be complete before you set your date in stone and move into the planning phase, you may discover that not as many children will be making it to your child’s party after all. If you are hoping for the best party for your child, ensuring you have chosen the right date is instrumental to success.

The right Time

The next step in this process is choosing the right time. Choosing the right time of day for a kids party is important if you have decided to have your party some place other than in your home. You do need to ensure that you have booked and secured the venue before you can move forward with the planning.

The more popular the establishment is that you are wishing to book, the further in advance you will need to contact them to ensure that there is space for your child’s birthday party on the date you selected.

Having the party at the appropriate time is important to making sure that everyone, both children and parents, can leave the party in good spirits. There are a few things that you should also consider when you are deciding on what time to have your kids party.

Kids Sport Commitments: Remember that weekend sporting commitments for children will play a big part in how many acceptances you will receive for your child’s party. Those with prior commitments will generally not miss a weekend of sport so that they can attend a party. This should be kept in mind.

Lunchtime: If you choose to have a lunchtime party, you will want to keep in mind that providing kids party food is expected. Parties that are for preschoolers should not be done during the times that the child would normally be napping. Few parents wish to wake their sleeping toddlers to go to a party, so keep that in mind. While naptimes vary from child to child they are usually around the same block of time, so if your toddler sleeps during the first hour, block off both hours and avoid that time slot.

Evening parties: This should be age appropriate for the guests that you are inviting.


The further out you plan the less stress you will experience during this process. If it is closer to the child’s party than you had realized, you could also consider hiring a party planner to help take some of the stress off of you. Regardless of whether you choose to plan the party yourself or hire a party planner the important thing is to make sure that your child’s party is something that your child will cherish and enjoy. Allow yourself time to mail order special items like decorations, favours, and invitations. Especially if it is a themed party.

Planning a party with too short notice puts a lot of stress on you, so if you are thinking about planning the party yourself allow plenty of time to get it done.


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