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We came here to party!

We Came Here To Party is a leading provider of themed children's parties for girl's. We always looked forward to our parties when we were younger. The excitement and mystery of a home made pass the parcel, limbo with broom sticks and let’s not forget the classic piñata. Lolly bags given at the end of the party were always a nice last treat to solute a successful party.

Our Story

Pamela and I (Amanda) are sisters. Parties were always an immeasurable source of fun throughout our childhood. Memories of sashaying under a makeshift limbo stick (read: broom handle), and passing around a parcel bound in newspaper are some of our favourites.

Years went on and we began our slow induction into the adult world. Pamela, with her astute business acumen ventured into business, whereas I, with my child-care background, went into primary school teaching.

Although we assumed our new responsibilities with vigour, there was always a lingering nostalgia that appeared when we attended the parties of our family and friends.On one particular occasion we attended a party, and cast our discerning eye to the parents who appeared to be stressed, frazzled (and taking sneaky swigs of scotch to assuage their anxieties).

That is when we looked at each-other and just knew. With the combined expertise in our respective industries, we could be the people to help parents all around Sydney make their children feel the same special way that we did as children.

We understand the difficulties of trying to juggle full time work, entertaining children, and preparing and serving food to guests. Our enterprise hinges on remedying all of that, while preserving the magic and sentimentality of such a special day.

8 years on, We Came Here to Party is doing just that.

Our Commitment


Committed to healthier Children’s Party alternatives that also incorporates nutrition, energy and healthy growth.


Committed to creating a trending and unique experience you didn’t know was possible

All inclusive

Committed to a ‘We do it all’ party experience to make more of our customer’s lives easier and effortless

Child Friendly

Committed to adapting each and every package to suit all ages.

Why Choose Us?


Highly effective systems and procedures developed over the many years of delivering parties


From supplying optional health foods to encouraging healthy choices


From supplying optional health foods to encouraging healthy choices


Engaging customisable party experiences


A strong customer focus offering


Highly experienced staff with a history of working with children

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unique party experience

Our party planners will create, manage and design a unique children’s party experience that your children will remember!