Terms and conditions

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We Came Here To Party Terms and Conditions

 To all our valued customers, please ensure We Came Here To Party terms and conditions are read and understood before a deposit is paid. Payment will indicate that you have read, understood and agree to our terms and conditions.



1.1 A credit card deposit of $100.00 is required in order to secure the time and date of your event. This deposit may be higher if the booking is a large or customised event.

1.2 The deposit must be made via credit card. If this transaction has not been completed in due course, We Came Here to Party reserves the right to cancel the booking in its entirety.

1.3 All deposits paid are non-refundable.

1.4 The outstanding invoice must be paid via credit card or bank transfer at least two (2) business days prior to the booked event date.

1.5 If prior arrangements have been made with We Came Here To Party management for cash payment on the day, your designated party hostess will collect payment upon the arrival of your event.

Please note, the event will not commence until payment is received. If party start time is delayed due to late payment, the party hostess is not responsible to make up for loss of entertainment time.

1.6 Confirmed number of guests are required Tuesday week of the scheduled booking. Once final confirmation of the number of guests have been received, further deductions to the invoice will not be processed i.e late decrease in total number of confirmed guests. This includes guests that are absent on the day of the party.

1.7 Should you fail to meet the terms in the payment policy, We Came Here to Party reserve the right to debit your card for final payment.

1.8 Pricing of all packages includes GST.



2.1 Cancellation of bookings are acceptable however recovery of deposit will not be possible due to losses the cancellation has incurred.

2.2 Reschedule of event booking will be accepted fourteen days prior to booked date. The new agreed date will be dependent on availability. 



3.1 If the location of the scheduled event is not within a residential complex, We Came Here To Party requires full payment prior to the party date.  

3.2 Certain locations in the Sydney Metropolitan area will incur a travel fee. Changes made to the party location may result in an adjustment of the travel fee.

3.3 Due to the logistics of unloading necessary equipment, an accessible parking space(s) in or near the vicinity is required for the duration of the event.

3.4 Parking expenses must be fully covered by the customer prior to the end of the scheduled party.

3.5 Our start times may vary slightly from the scheduled booking due to the precarious nature of Sydney road and traffic conditions. Management will liaise with you accordingly to advise of the hostess’ anticipated arrival time if this should occur.



4.1 The attendance of unexpected additional children may increase the longevity of the party and incur a supplementary fee.

4.2 If the party set up is non-residential or outdoors approval will be required by We Came Here to Party Management prior to event date.

4.3 The booked party hostess/hostesses will aim to arrive prior to the designated starting time for set up.

4.4 The number of hostesses for each event is pre-determined by management based on the party package. An additional hostess fee may apply depending on the number of children and the selected party package.



5.1 We Came Here to Party do not take responsibility for any food reactions.

5.2 Any allergies, food intolerances or dietary requirements must be disclosed to We Came Here to Party management. Food item ingredients can be provided upon request.

5.3 It is up to the parent of the child or parent of the party booking to ensure the child/children with intolerances do not consume intolerable food items and/or have substitute food items available.    

5.4 Adult supervision is required on the premises for the duration of the booking.



6.1 The reimbursing of damaged property is required if said damage is caused by guests at the event.

6.2 If We Came Here to Party Terms and Conditions are breached we may terminate our services immediately without prior notice.



Kind regards,

We Came Here to Party Management