Over the years we have created thousands of kids parties for our beloved clients. Although we are Girl Partyspecialists, we have also serviced many clients with boys also. We want to share our top kids’party ideas and images of what we believe create the ultimate birthday experience for a girl party.

One of the most popular party themes over the years has been our signature girl’s Pamper Party. A pampering session for your birthday child and her guests is the perfect way to celebrate for the girl that loves being pampered!
A party planner can set up and entertain creating a full end to end experience ensuring the girls are relaxed and pampered.

a party girl's pink and white pamper party set up

Otherwise you, the birthday mamma can create your very own pamper party.

1. Party items
Foot spas and stools: if you don’t own electronic foot spas a large bowl will still do the trick.

2. Party Accessories
Some great pamper partyaccessories include robes, tiaras and toe separators.

3. Party Activities
Let the pampering begin! Manicures and pedicures for each child and some fun kids kids games to follow to get all guests moving and shaking.

4. Party Decorations
As optional, some party decorations can go a long way to add a lovely visual effect that will excite and transport the kids. We recommend balloons and customised banners.

bird's eye view of a kids pamper party set up in a Sydney location

Important to remember:

* Hygiene: The use of gloves when pampering is absolutely necessary.
* Snacks: We find that finger food works best for a kids party. You may want to also consider catering if you are pressed for time.
* Engagement: Ensure the kids stay engaged by keeping the excitement up for the entire duration of the party.

For a kids party, you will definitely want to consider the different age groups and gender. This will require different means of entertainment.
Remember to also keep it child appropriate. Mums of the party guests may also want to know how the party will be run and what will be provided, especially for the younger kids (aged 2-6). 

pink spa party set up in a backyard for a girls party

Our Final Tips and birthday party ideas include:

*Try to choose between Party Themes to centralise party games, party decorations and party fun.

*Create an agenda to ensure successful kids party entertainment that guests will never forget.

*Finally, allow your birthday child to be part of the special process of organising a kid’s party! Her desires should be considered to add to the birthday experience.

    Stay tuned for our next few posts covering more birthday ideas for kids parties part #2-4 xx

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