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It is important to plan a kids party guest list according to the type of birthday party that and party theme you are having. If you are having a Pamper party theme you probably don’t want to have 30 children. However, if you are having say a Disco party in this case it would be alright to invite the 30 children. In fact, they would probably have a very fun time.

Another helpful word of advice, you don’t have to invite everyone. Keep your party budget in mind.

Now that we have reviewed how you should decide on your guest list, let’s look at the party invitations.

Party Supplies: Party Invitations

Once you have decided on your guest list it is time to get your party invitations ready. If you have chosen to use a party planner these may have already been included in your package so you would just address them and mail them. They would also already be themed which makes it a lot easier for you.

If you have not used a party planner, you can create your own party theme invitation on the computer. You can also purchase a pre-packaged set of invitations from a party supplies shop if you would prefer.
A few things to keep in mind when you are sending out the invitations is the information that is listed on each invite. Your party planner will discuss this with you, and will help you get it set up. This will ensure that nothing is left to chance on your child’s special day.

Some of the information you will want to include in your invitation would be:


Name of the child that the party is for (in this case your child’s name)


Location of the party (it is a good idea to include directions or a map if possible)


Date of the party


Time of the party. When you include both a start time and an end time, you will have more families showing up on time (especially if the party is only 1 or 2 hours long)


What the theme of the party is (so the guests can dress appropriately)


When you need the guest to RSVP by. Make sure to set a deadline as well.


Be sure to include your telephone number or email address so the parents can contact you with any questions.


Gift suggestions, these are items that you would like for the guests to bring for your child (if appropriate)

Once you have all of party invitations ready to go you can send them out. The best way to do this would be to mail the invitations. This does go a long way to ensuring a smooth party. The children who were not invited will not have their feelings hurt by not receiving a hand delivered invitation; since the invites will go directly to the parents this can serve to avoid unneeded frustrations.

If you are going to be mailing out the invitations be sure to allow plenty of time for them to arrive and for the RSVP to be received back to you.

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