So you guys probably know by now we are big believers in gifting loved ones with a handmade anything, regardless of the skill level (they never care, promise).

purple, yellow and pink easter gift baskets with easter decorations included

This year we wanted to create an Easter basket filled with Easter decorations to inspire our crafty mums and dads.
But first, lets talk budget, time and supplies.

Budget: Under $15

Time: 15-30min

Supplies: Below are the supplies you’ll need including the cost breakdown and the suppliers/stores.

Easter decorations and craft items scattered to make an Easter basket for a gift


White Wire Basket

As many as you wish to make


$3.00 each

Tissue Paper (10 sheets per bag)

x3 thin sheets

Reject Shop

$2.00 per bag

Shredded Paper

1/3 of a packet

Reject Shop and Kmart

$2.00 per bag

Pastel eggs on wire (6 eggs per pack)

x3-x4 eggs

Reject shop

$3.50 each

Bunny Ear Hair Clips

x1 set

Reject Shop

$2.50 each

Chocolate (Lindt bunny + med and small eggs)

x1 Lindt bunnyx3 med choc eggsx15 small eggs

Big W

$8.00 per basket


1 sheet



We comfortably made x6 baskets following the above budget which came to a cost of $14.85 per basket, WIN!
You’ll also need sticky tape, scissors and glue (ideally a glue gun if you have one).

First you’ll want to bring the basket handle together so they can meet at the top and centre of the basket. Secure this with a little tape.
Optional: you can glue gun the hinges for extra security however it should be stable enough.  

easter craft items and decorations used to make an easter gift basket

When choosing colours, try to match your tissue paper, shredded paper and bunny ears for each basket. We went with pink, purple or yellow baskets.

Grab yourself three sheets of tissue paper and create the first layer inside the basket.

easter gift and craft ideas using a themed basket

pink tissue pamper used to fill an easter basket as a easter gift idea
Throw in a small scrunched piece of butchers paper so your goodies don’t sink into the basket as you want them to comfortably lay on top.

easter basket filling for easter gift ideas

Add shredded paper on top of the butchers paper covering the whole surface area.

themed easter gift ideas with filling and easter decorations

Originally, we searched for bunny ears but nothing beat the look of these adorable bunny ear hair clips!
And they curve beautifully along the basket handle.

easter bunny ears used for an easter craft gift basket

Glue the bottom of the clip and place on the basket handle to create cute bunny ears. Hold until the glue is set enough so the ears can stand on their own.

easter bunny ears being glued onto a purple easter gift baskets

Ok now we have the foundation of our Easter basket nicely colour coordinated. Time for Easter decorations!
Select two colours for each basket. We want these to differ from the foundation colour so they stand out. Check out the below colours we chose to coordinate.

easter decorations used for an easter gift basket
pink easter gift basket being made with easter decorations icluded
yellow themed easter gift basket being made as an easter gift basket idea
yellow easter gift basket being filled with easter decorations
colourful easter decorations used for an easter basket


Now add your colourful Easter chocolates.
If you’re very extra (like me), purchase Easter eggs with wrapping to suit your basket for an extra special detailed touch.

colourful easter chocolates placed in an easter gift basket

An easy, quick and cheap Easter Decoration idea that will get the kids sooo excited.
Why not make it a great Easter craft activity for kids to enjoy over the break.

colourful already made easter gift baskets ideas


These baskets are also a great gift to take over when visiting family and can be adapted for any festive theme.

yellow easter gift basket idea with easter decorations and chocolates


pink easter craft basket idea with chocolates and easter decorations

Here’s my cat Kat, making her debut to our blog page. Anyone else have an annoying pet that knows they’re not allowed on the craft table but jumps straight on it anyway?

easter baskets with easter craft displayed behind a grey cat

Crafters, if you give this a crack we'd love to know how you go and any little extras you've added along the way! Comment below or tag us your pics on instagram (@wecameheretopartyaus) or email ( xxx

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