We all know kids LOVE lolly bags to take home from a kids party!

This post will give you some lolly bag birthday party ideas for your child’s next party experience.

Lolly bags should come included with most party packages and are especially important at a kids party whether it’s girl party or a boy party themes. Make sure your party planner includes lolly bags when you are requesting a quote for your kid’s party.

When you are deciding on lolly bags and party favours you will want to keep the theme of your party in mind. If you have themed party favours, this can go a long way towards having the best party for your child as everything is uniformed and will look put together with the greatest thought possible.

For example, if you have chosen a Tea Party themed package your gift bag should include something Tea Party themed that the children will enjoy.

We’ve come up with a few suggestions for you when planning what you are going to put into the lolly bags:

TIP #1 Stick to the Classics

Classic gifts are usually the best one’s things like candy, yo-yo’s, colouring books, etc, make great gifts to add to the bag.

TIP #2 Price Point

The favours don’t have to be expensive, children are happy just to receive a thoughtful party bag. 

TIP #3 Bulk Purchase

When possible, purchase in bulk. This way you can ensure you are getting the most value for your money and the children can have a lot of fun with their favours.

TIP #4 Consistency for both boy party or girl party

Make sure all the guests receive the same favours. You don’t want anyone to feel bad about not getting something.

TIP #5 Prizes should be dependent on Gender of guests

Keep in mind how many girls and boys are attending the birthday party to ensure girl prizes are in the girl lolly bags and boy prizes are in the boy lolly bags.

If you’d like gender relevant lolly gift bags for party guests, consider items such as lip gloss, wands, fluffy pens for a girl party lolly bag.

And for a boy party lolly bag, you may want to consider a pirate a eye patch, bouncy balls and animal figurines.

Remember that providing prizes for your party is pretty important to the success of your party. If you do not plan to provide prizes be prepared to explain that to the children. Here is a tip “They are expecting prizes”. 

The smaller the prizes, the more winners you will have, and every child should win a prize.

There are many different ways to give away prizes, you can play a game, and some prefer the musical chairs game because even if the child is “out” they still receive a consolation prize. The child who is the last one with a chair gets a bigger prize, but this way everyone wins and everyone can feel good about how they played.

Talk to your party planner what’s included with their packages or what their suggestions are for places that you can pick it up for a discounted price.

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