Now that you have already established a few key ideas it is time to decide where your child’s party is going to be held. Are you going to have the party at home or are you going to make it a celebration at some other location? Since there are pros and cons to both options let’s go ahead and review them both.

Having a party outside your home

These types of parties can happen anywhere, a restaurant, a bowling alley, or a community hall. These are all good options if you would rather have the party outside of your home.
The benefits of an outside location would be if you simply don’t have the time or you don’t have the space, or if you don’t want to have to deal with the entire cleanup that comes from having your party at home.

Depending on the destination venue that you choose, you may still need to arrange food and beverages, entertainment, party favours and games, so you will need to make sure that you have planned your party to perfection.

These types of parties can be easier on the parents but just because they may be easier doesn’t mean a home party is out of the question for you since you can always hire a party planner who will do all of the things that a location does but usually at a lower cost than having an off-site party. How is that possible? Well, you have to take into consideration that the establishment (or destination) party has to pay rent for their building, utilities, staff, etc. Where a party planner doesn’t have all of this extra expenses so when you book a package deal for example you are able to get even more value for your dollar which can be a better party for the same price.

Now let’s say you did decide to choose the destination party. If you choose the wrong establishment, the party could be a disaster, always ensure that you have had an opportunity to visit the location prior to making a commitment.

Having a party at home

Having your party at home can be a great thing if done properly; you can have complete control over the party. You can decide what entertainment you want, the food choices, the games, etc. and if you decided to get some help with some of the more tedious tasks like setting up and cleaning up you can look to your local planner who can take care of those things for you. They can provide you with the decorations, the entertainment, the gift bags, whatever you need, you can talk it over with someone who has the experience to help guide your party in the right direction.

The home parties are the type of parties that your child will remember and cherish because while the destination parties can be fun, a home party shows your child how much you really care and the child can also provide feedback and ideas when you choose the do the party at home.
This makes it something that the two of you can do together. The great thing about doing a home party is that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you don’t want it to be. You, your child, and your planner can sit down and run over ideas together, schedule a time, a theme, the entertainment, decorations, even the cake. So, on party day, you can your child can get ready for their big day without having to worry about whether or not you filled the lolly bags.

Regardless of whether you choose a destination party or you choose to have your party at home, the important thing to keep in mind that this is a day your child will remember, so always keep it special and include your child when possible in the process.
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