Planning a kid’s party can be so overwhelming. The options are endless and cost can easily exceed the original budget!
We know, we’ve helped thousands of clients experiencing this challenge.
Along the way we’ve come up with some guidelines to ensure each party is perfectly styled, creating a seamless experience.
Firstly, we understand there is no such thing as a ‘COOKIE CUTTER’ one party fits all! Each parent wants a unique experience and each child has unique desires.
So how do you create the perfect party for your child? Check out our guidelines below. 

Child’s Interest
This is the first and most important step, take your child’s interest into strong consideration when you are deciding on the theme.
Whether your child loves a television show, or your child has specials hobbies, or enjoys playing sports, you can find the right theme and base your party around it.
There have been too many occasions where we have seen some stunning adult set ups for a child’s party, sometimes costing thousands of dollars. This is undeniably picture perfect for adults however always remember this is a child’s party. Your child’s perfect party is not always balloons and florals - think of interactive setups, kids party food ideas, hosted entertainment, kids party decorations, adding magic and imagination to the room.

Fairy Tutus for Kids Dress up Fairy Party


Create a visual Concept
Put pen to paper! This helps visualise the party come together.
This also allows you to see what will work and what will not work. Sometimes less is more however you won’t know until you have an idea of the whole picture.
It doesn’t have to be pretty.
Dessert Table Party Planner Design for Kids Party


Dessert Table Party Planner Design for Kids Party
The easiest way to do this is by selecting a party theme. This can also be a colour scheme such as rainbow. Remember to engage your child in this step. Their passions and interests should be a key factor in the decision making. 

Source Party Supplies and Party Suppliers
In some cases, the costs associated with a particular party theme are higher than you may have budgeted, and a party planner may actually be more affordable than doing the party yourself, not to mention the peace of mind you will gain from having someone experienced working for you.
When picking an event planner or party suppliers stick with someone that can “do it all”. This saves you so much time organise and chasing. It also ensures everything is in theme, colours match perfectly and everything arrives at once.
You want to avoid having several suppliers as that can sometimes lack cohesion.
Tip: select a business that covers all your party requirements.
If you want to plan and style a party yourself, learn to be very clear with the suppliers you engage with. The easiest way to do this is by showing images of what you would like. Ask for their advice as they may have better or cheaper variations. 

Super Hero Party Supplies and Party Supplier Theme


Focus on the Finer Party Detail
The aim is to create a wonderful atmosphere, heightening each child’s imagination and transporting them to a magical place.
Dedicate that extra time creating finer detail to the party with customised party decorations and themed party food. This adds to the atmosphere and creates a new world of fun and possibilities.
We all remember a couple of very magical birthday parties growing up as a child, add what you believe will evoke that same spark.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Cake Pop and Party Decorations                  
Remember, your child can give you some great ideas about what they want and you can be confident that when it is time for the party, your child will be thrilled that you took the time to listen to their ideas, and that you used those ideas to create a memorable party.
A connection with your child throughout the party planning and styling process is something they will never forget. The journey is just as important as the destination xx



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