The truth is when an enquiring parent tells us they want a kids party with every party element included and will do it themselves at a cheaper cost, we kind of laugh. Why? Because we’ve seen this scenario thousands of times, over and over. And it usually leads to a follow up call the next year for a stress free, structured party.

We want you to take back the power of choice. The choice to create your own party or to outsource. In this blog I want to show you how to very easily create your own kids fairy party on a very affordable budget.

Fairy is such a magical girl party theme with a plethora of options. When styling and creating a kids party I like to think about the ultimate goal and for me it’s the glow and delight of each mini guests face as they enter the party space.

Whimsical Garden Fairy Party with pink party decorations and kids party food

1. Party items
Speaker, prizes and lolly bags. Party prizes and lolly bags can be sourced on the cheap at most discount stores.

2. Party Accessories
We personally love creating fairy costumes for each child as our party accessory component. At this age, imaginations run wild with dress ups as each child creates their own special character while transporting to a magical fairy space.

To stick to budget we recommend tutus, wings and wands only which can be sourced almost anywhere cheaply rather than a costume which can end up being quite expensive. Any discount store should have all three options in the one place. Plus the best part is it makes a wonderful keeps sake for each birthday guest to take home.

Fairy costume; tutu, wings and crowns

Fairy entertainer putting fairy crown on girl

3. Party Activities
Let the fairies be fairies! Our faves will have you sorted:
- Musical fairy statues
- Fairy dancing 
- Pass the parcel
- Fairy glitter hair spray and nails
- Fairy craft activity

4. Party Decorations
Why not consider a fairy tea party. This will have the adorable fairy party decorations and visuals sorted! What you’ll need:
- Kids size table
- Kids size chairs 
- Table cloth
- Plates, cutlery, cups
- Table decorations

5. Kids Party Food
Fairy bread is by far the most popular. Add some fairy designed cupcakes along with healthy options to add balance to the party treats. Healthy options can be as simple as veggie sticks with crackers and dip plus fruit skewers. Remember the more colourful the more appealing for young ones. These food items are also so easy to make which will further save your dollars. 

Kids Party Food - Fruit Skewers

Kids Party Food - Fairy Cupcake

Fairy Entertainment and Kids Party Food

Our Final Tips and birthday party ideas:

* Party themes are an important element to a visual and exciting birthday party. So try to centralise party games, party decorations and party fun around the fairy theme.
* Agenda: create an agenda to ensure kids party entertainment is a wonderful success and something the guests will never forget.
* Finally, allow your birthday child to be part of the special process of organising a kids party! Her desires should be considered to add to the birthday experience.

Here’s some fairy tea party pics we’ve put together over the years for your inspo.

Fairy Tea Party with pink chairs

Fairy Cake design with pink mushrooms and pink flowers

Fairy Party with Fairy wing chair design

Kids Party Entertainment with two Fairy entertainers playing games

Fairy theme is generally ideal for ages ages 2-6 years so remember to also keep the party age appropriate. Mums of the party guests may also want to know how the party will be run and what will be provided, especially for the younger kids.

We hope this inspires some fairy party ideas for you at a reasonable budget. For more kids party ideas and inspiration check out our party tip blogs

Fairy Party close up of floral crockery with Fairy napkin ring

Stay tuned for our next few posts covering more birthday ideas for kids parties part #3-5 xx

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